About PayMetrix HR

PayMetrix HR was born out of simple idea – take good, personal care of your customers. Sounds like a simple idea but if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it. The team of experts behind PayMetrix HR have a deep understanding of what it really takes to be the best in class when it comes to taking care of our clients. The Senior Management team is made up of seasoned veterans from inside and outside of the Payroll & Human Resource Industry, which is a unique differentiator for us, and is obvious in our technology and service delivery model.

Behind every great product or service you will find three distinct and key areas – what we call the “3 P’s” – People, Process and Platform. When you tie together strong People with tight Processes and leverage a state of the art Platform, the customer experience is unmatched in any industry, especially in a process driven industry like ours.

People: Our People inside of PayMetrix HR are at the top of their specific skill sets and exude traits that tie directly to our customer’s experience when working with us. They are hand-picked and are chosen to fill the vital roles they play, based on what our clients expect from us as a service provider. All of our employees are certified in their fields whether it be Payroll, Human Resources, Tax, Finance, Time & Labor Management etc. which provides comfort to our clients so they know they have a true Expert on the phone when they call us.

Process: With all of the moving parts when it comes to managing and paying employees comes the challenge of prioritization of each role our system users face. We have analyzed every moving piece of an employer’s back-office functions to ensure we have our processes in place to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Our processes were designed and built for Zero defects and do stand the test of time as we fully realize the importance of our internal and external customer. The end result is exceptional service for our customers, even if a mistake is made.

Platform: Due to our Management Team’s experience in the Payroll & Human Resource industry, spanning the past 18+ years, we have identified a common desire from a majority of the clients in our market – the desire or requirement to have all moving pieces in one common and master database. Our Platform provides just that – a common database that helps our clients manage the employment life-cycle from initial hire to post termination. Programmers are consistently ahead of time when it comes to future releases so the more the market changes, the more prepared PayMetrix HR will be to take those changes head on to help our customers.