Expense Management System

PayMetrix HR offers one of the most advanced and powerful expense management system in the marketplace. We have teamed up with Gorilla Expense to provide our clients a configurable, online, and automated solution.

For most organizations, travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses account for up to 14% of total operating expenses. This is second only to payroll in terms of overall corporate spending. Organizations that still use outdated manual expense management processes on average spend over $23 per expense report transaction versus $7 for an automated transaction. This expense results in a huge waste of resources and a significant loss of control of your T&E spend.

Our expense management system automates the entire expense management process and eliminates the manual paper-based process. This allows employees to quickly create their expense reports and supervisors to easily review and approve. The overall process is simple and quick for employees while providing companies with unprecedented control and visibility.

Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity of mobile workforce
  • Increase compliance to external requirements such as SOX as well as internal policies
  • Reduce expense report delinquency by at least 40% so that credit card late fees are avoided and reimbursements are faster
  • Cut costs for processing expense reports
  • Realize savings through back-end ERP/Accounting integration
  • Achieve spend control through policy enforcement and auditing
  • Enhance visibility with in-built reporting that helps owners make informed decisions
  • Streamline processes by more than 60% by allocating expenses to different cost centers, customer accounts etc
  • Invest in the latest technology with quick ROI
  • Eliminate the use of paper by more than 80% with an electronic solution

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