PayMetrix HR Time & Labor Management Solution

Don’t need Payroll? Not a problem, our Hosted SaaS Time & Labor Management solutions and extensive offering of Time Clocks can be purchased separately and will come with the same level of support you would receive if you were a customer of ours using our state-of-the art Payroll & HRIS system.

Managing your workforce has never been easier and more accurate, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities. Labor Distribution, Labor Tracking, Employee Self-Service, Online Timesheets, robust Report Writing tool, and a full array of clock hardware solutions are among a few of the most commonly used features in our Time & Labor management system.

PayMetrix HR hosts a suite of Time & Labor Management options for our clients as we recognize that all companies are not the same thus requiring options to choose from when selecting the right Time & Labor Management solution.

Supported hardware includes Proximity, Biometric, Magnetic Swipe and Barcode clocks. We also have a product to support the needs of your employees who clock in and out from a telephone.

Our Hosted Software Solution allows for better management reporting and views that pertain to their employees or an entire company, is a role based application with full Benefit Accruals, Time Off Requests and Export Capabilities. User Defined Fields allow you to truly customize our solution to your specifications and can even be set to send E-Mail Alerts and Password Reminders.


  • Flexible reporting on your labor force
  • “Plug and Play” setup and installation
  • No software to install
  • On-site time clock portability
  • Easy data collection: swipe; Web; finger scan; over the phone
  • Analog data transmission
  • Data editing and reporting is conveniently performed on the Web
  •  No manual data entry, human error, or tedious data preparation
  •  Schedule online with your own customized, time-saving templates
  • Manage schedule deviances and tardies
  •  Easy-access training and support online


  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary and expensive clerical labor
  • Streamline time card management with digital time punch collection
  • Secure, online reports provide you with meaningful data on-demand
  • Reduce human error, cost of errors, and employee dissatisfaction
  • Ease stress associated with payroll preparation thru automation
  • Reduce paper work, with the option to go “paperless” (an earth-friendly option)
  •  Increase bottom line and organizational profitability while reducing the cost of labor
  • Minimize wasted labor minutes and optimize employee time management
  • Save time with the easy-to-customize scheduling templates
  • Focus on the core tasks of running your business, not administration


PayMetrix HR wants to be your Time & Labor Management partner. Let us craft that perfect solution that fits your business’ specific needs while improving efficiency and your workflow management.