Identity Theft Protection

PayMetrix HR is proud to offer ARX-ID Identity Theft Protection from CORE ID Services to our clients and prospects. Identity Theft Protection provides real help for victims of Identity Theft.

identity_theftWe provide the most comprehensive monitoring and managed recovery services possible to identity theft victims. Starting with just one phone call, we are able to handle all aspects of resolving identity theft, including placing fraud alerts, clearing credit reports, notifying the FTC and other necessary government agencies, replacing lost or stolen documents, alerting bank and credit institutions, and providing Identity Theft Insurance*.  All our plan levels will correct identity theft for your immediate family members, including child identity theft. And we offer a range of options for monitoring, detecting, and alerting you to identity theft in its earliest stages.

We also arm our members with knowledge and insight into the newest fraud schemes; the best ways to protect against identity theft; and your own personal risk for identity theft through our member newsletter and the secure web portal.

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